2012 Art Project

Meet the artist

Our Art Project this year will be the creation of a Meditation Garden. Once again, we are lucky to be working with our ceramic artist, Andy from Imperial Star Ceramics. Andy has completed many art projects in our school. The current  Meditation Garden will incorporate ceramic art works built into a native garden.

Andy addressed our students at a school assembly on Monday and begins the project next week. Students will be involved in various aspects: making ceramic hands, creating mosaic pavers and assisting with the planting. The development of this art project was enabled from the proceeds raised at our previous art show in 2010 and will be finalised with the proceeds of our art show this year. This enables our school community to maintain a high focus on the Visual Arts.



10 thoughts on “2012 Art Project

  1. Great work Sue getting up and blogging. My kids were SO excited when Andy spoke to us on Monday and I know the students I have chosen are going to be RAPT to work with him. We all look forward to seeing the progress of the garden and your blog – we would love to help you anytime!
    Mary and 3/4MK

  2. Having missed the beginnings of this project and the presentation at assembly I am looking forward to seeing what is going to happen. I didn’t even know where the garden was going to be but I’ve worked it out now. All very exciting.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the work of the children and Andy go into the meditation garden. The children are so excited to be working with Andy again. The whole meditation garden will be an asset for the whole school. Can’t wait to see the next stage.

  4. How exciting cant wait to see the progress and finished result im sure it will be beautiful. Excited about encouraging the childrens use of this beautiful area. Im sure I will use it myself.

  5. It is fantastic to know that the students of 2012 will be part of the history of Holy Spirit through this special art project. They can always look back, many years from now and be proud of their achievements. Best wishes

  6. We are also looking forward to seeing this magnificent garden. Some mornings we could take turns to meditate out there instead of in our rooms before 9am. However it’s organised it will be special. From Melinda.

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